Meet Amin

Meet amin

Amin Salahuddin is an innovative leader residing in the Brushy Creek area of Round Rock, Texas. Amin is known in the community for having a kind heart, always willing to serve his neighbors in the community. He wants to continue that servant leadership in Austin as a state representative.
Amin is one of nine children born to Indian immigrants who migrated to the United States from Pakistan, ultimately residing in Texas. 
Amin is a husband, father of three beautiful daughters, small business owner, nonprofit founder, entrepreneur, and community leader.
Listening to community needs and finding innovative ways to serve has always been Amin’s passion, vision and mission.
Bringing this experience to the legislature will lead to constructive policies and building a better, more innovative state government.

Amin will bring his wide variety of experiences and history of community involvement to the State House:

  • Founder of Eixsys Healthcare System – a 501 (C)(3), charity providing Primary Healthcare for the uninsured. Through this organization, Amin has founded nine clinics in the area, three of them located in Dist. 136.
  • Round Rock Chamber of Commerce – 501 (C)(6), Economic Development Board Member (2016 – 2021)
  • Round Rock Police Foundation – 501 (C)(3), Police & Community Relationship development, Board Member
  • Diversity Impact – a 501 (C)(4) organization, providing social welfare & voice for minorities, Founder/President (2021 – Present)