health care

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. These are words that Amin not only believes in, but lives by. As founder of Eixsys Healthcare, he strives to ensure that healthcare is attainable to all, not just the insured. Today, too many Texans are uninsured, whether it’s by personal choice or because they can’t afford it. Unfortunately, Medicaid expansion is not the solution to this problem. If we expand Medicaid, Texans will hold the burden of providing the funds required to sustain this expansion.

Healthcare Solutions

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and vaccine sites were initiated in our community, Amin created a software solution, which allowed automated scheduling, as well as vaccine tracking and monitoring while being administered from any location. By using this software, Eixsys was able to administer COVID-19 vaccines from seven locations with ease and without the hassle of long lines. Out of the seven locations of vaccination sites, four were located in Williamson County (Saibaba Hindu Temple, Islamic Center of Brushy Creek, Islamic Center of Round Rock and Eixsys’s main clinic office located in Round Rock West)